Passport & VISA

All visa applicants must have a current passport, because the visa is stamped onto or affixed to the passport. In most cases, the passport must be valid for at least six months after the planned travel dates, though this requirement may be waived or extended in certain countries. The passport must a sufficient number of blank pages to be imprinted with the tourist visa, and some countries require additional pages. If a passport does not have enough blank pages, the U.S. State Department adds pages to American passports upon request and payment of processing fees.


Baggage Info

Put your contact information inside and outside every bag.
In addition to this information, you should also put a copy of your itinerary inside every bag to make it easier for the airline to reunite you if you are separated from your luggage. Do this with your carry-on bag in case you are forced to check that bag at the last minute. For personal security reasons, you may want to use an address other than your home address.

Special Assistance

When you go to book your parent’s flight, this is the time to make special requests that can help make the trip easier for them. You’ll need to make these requests over the phone. If your parents don’t want a wheelchair, but want some help, ask about electric carts.You also need to check with the airline regarding their policy for portable oxygen concentrators for your dad. Some airlines require specific medical forms that will need to be signed by his doctor.


Kids Travelling?

Boarding As flight time nears, stay close to your gate and listen for the agent to announce pre-boarding. It is helpful to get on the plane first and get yourself organized before everyone else is trying to board. If you are able to split up, send one person ahead with the carryon baggage and car seats while the other parent stays with the kids. This way the first parent can get everything organized and ready without the distraction of kids, and the kids get a little bit more time to move freely. The second parent and kids can be among the last people to board.

Online Booking & Check-in

Besides the traditional check-in at the airport, your airline can allow you to check-in online from anywhere with internet access. They usually open at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight. By checking-in online, you can select your preferred seat in advance, quote your frequent flyer number for mileage accrual, inform the airline how many bags you are intending to check-in thus saving time at the airport. Furthermore, everybody else who is part of your traveling party can also be checked-in along with you.


Luggage Tags

Make sure that the airline tag on your checked luggage is for the correct destination
Every piece of checked luggage should have a three-letter airport identifier that matches your destination airport. If you are unsure of the code, ask the ticket agent or skycap.